Slow Return to Blogging

kinnon —  April 28, 2008 — 6 Comments

Googlereader1000 I’m sitting in the kitchen of good friends in Surrey, UK. I’m attempting to catch up on the blogs I like to read. I have about 2000 posts to weed through.

Now. In case you’re concerned by the volume of blog pixels to consume. I won’t read them all. Google Reader makes it easy to quickly move through the posts – using either the "j" key or space bar to move down the page. (For this process I’ve reversed the flow of GR – with oldest posts first.)

‘Twould appear I’ve missed a lot of great stuff. Jared Wilson, Michael Spencer, Darryl Dash and Brant Hansen have been hitting the ball out of the park, whilst I’ve been completely out of the game. Grace has been starting and guiding some of the best conversations in the entire Christian blog world. Robby Mac has announced the publication of his book, Post-Charismatic (only available in the UK at the moment. I’m going to buy a few copies) as well as revealing some of the life transitions he’s experiencing. And Brother Maynard is being as Subversive as ever.

Q has come and gone and I didn’t make one snarky comment. (I did last year.) My friend, Mark Petersen talks both about what he got out of Q and what didn’t impress him. Jan has a positive perspective on her Q experience.

Bene has been following the trails of "Dr." Charles McVety. ‘Twould seem Charles is rather insistent that he is the voice of conservative evangelicalism in the Great White North. Annoying to a lot of us. I’ve done my own research on the institution from which Charles recieved his "doctorate" and will blog on that shortly. Would that the media do a little more research themselves and recognize that this is little man with a loud voice. One needs to learn to ignore that kind of noise.

I’m working on a post called The Long View, based on Imbi’s and my interviews here in the UK and our own discussions. It will be up sometime in the next 36 hours. Tomorrow we return the rental car to Heathrow and take the Tube into the city to interview Jonny Baker…err…jonny baker. I’m looking forward to that. And then we hope to relax for a few days. (As a true "I" in the MB designation, I’m a little peopled out.)

And now back to my favourite blogs.

UPDATE: Six hours later, I’m down to only 626 in the Christian folder. Haven’t touched any others, yet. Good grief. Would have been nice if y’all had been writing poorly whilst I wasn’t reading you. Would have been easier to skip posts then!

UPDATE 2: 10 hours later. Yes, I do need to get a life but this IS relaxing for me. One of the overarching themes – Tim Keller is a great guy and a very important voice (and even quotes BMcL) – but if you’ve been reading me for a while you know I already knew that – Rigolletto or not.



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6 responses to Slow Return to Blogging

  1. It was nice to see Achievable Ends pop up in my reader today. Thanks for your kind words.

  2. “little man with loud voice”

    arr arr arrr – a lot depends on where and why those loud voices are making noise. When the person attached to it has access to the halls of power, money, and a grand notion he knows what is best for the rest of us, exposing is more prudent than ignoring.

    I think most media is aware, and the EFC response in the Ottawa Citizen is an example. McVey is media savvy enough to play the caricature, and makes easy copy.

    Expose ’em then ignore them.

  3. Glad you’re back, Bill!

    Um, you are back, right?

  4. Yes, I always love seeing the Ends on my reader too!! Glad you are back to blogging.

    Don’t know if you saw my post on Dr McVety a few weeks back: link to

  5. And I die a thousand deaths when my reader gets over 500! I’ve never even seen “1000+”.

    However, I am secretly chuffed to see my blog on that screen dump. You obviously have fantastic taste in blogs :-D.

  6. Mark,
    I did see it and plan to quote it when I write my post on Charles. Unfortunately, my research is on my Mac Pro at home in Toronto. ‘Twill be next week before I write it.

    I’m only sorta back.

    I do have great taste in blogs, don’t I.

    Press on oh fearless one. Together we shall slay the dragon.

    you da bomb.


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