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kinnon —  April 21, 2008 — 12 Comments

Whilst I’ve been outside wandering the non-blog hallways of the world, much has been happening in godblogdom. One of those happenings, for which many purple pixels have been spilled, was a conference in Kentucky where Calvinists and their friends conferred. I think it was called Together for Right Doctrine.

I have a few simple questions for those lustily proclaiming the resurgence of this “right doctrine”. In your communities where you are resurging, are the widows and orphans being cared for, are the prisoners being freed… or at least visited, do the lame walk, do the blind see – I won’t ask about the dead being raised? Is the year of the Lord’s favour being proclaimed?

These are the same questions I have asked a megachurch-leading friend who boasts of baptizing 400 in one month. What has the impact been on your community? Has crime dropped? Are the friendless befriended? The jobless jobbed? You get the drift.

I’m just asking?



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12 responses to Together for Right Doctrine

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Great questions.

  2. Great questions Bill. I was at that conference and it was great to be encouraged again in God’s truth.

    By God’s grace in my own church community we are seeing more and more of our people doing just that. Reaching out to the seniors homes and the local schools and the inner city and the local prisons.

    It’s a fantastic thing, as we reach out to them we share with them the amazing fantastic news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ that can set them free and through which they can receive eternal life. It’s happening, we are seeing the spiritual prisoners set free, we are seeing the spiritual blind come to see, we are proclaiming the year of the Lord’s favour. The ultimate wonder to behold is when a sinner comes to repentance and receives new life, eternal life. Everything changes. Come and visit us sometime. By the way, all because of God’s grace as He uses His Gospel, that is proclaimed and lived out,to set people free. It’s an awesome thing.

    Having said all that, can you point me to an “emerging” community, where people are being set free and receiving eternal life? Just in our local Golden Horshoe context, where can I go this week to see such a work amongst the emergers, the drug addicts set free, the alcoholics cleaned up, not because of NA or AA but because of Jesus Christ? I understand Allelon is a big helper of the “emerging” communities, you of all people should be able to point me to a thriving, Spirit infused ministry amongst them. Thanks Bill

  3. Don’t take the bait Bill.

    George, go ask Darryl, he’s highlighted some ministries in the Golden Horseshoe who are doing what you ask.

  4. It’s no bait Bene, just questions. I just figured Bill would be able to point me in the right direction.


  5. Is right doctrine really right if it doesn’t lead to humility, love, and service?

  6. Doctrine…Schmoctrine.

  7. Who are you asking Darryl?

  8. George:

    It’s a rhetorical question.

  9. Friends,
    Sorry I haven’t engaged in the conversation. I’ve been in transit from Portugal to the UK and then off shooting interviews with folk engaged in being Christians in their towns and villages of Lincolnshire.

    Last night we were with folk who’ve “moved back into the neighbourhood” in one of the highest crime areas in this county of England. (It’s in the top 1% of crime areas in the UK.) They are building a thriving church of people from the margins. We met a number of them last night.

    We also met with a number of people who love the folk in their more middle class communities. They aren’t seeing quite the same growth but they are experiencing God moving in tangible ways – with people becoming Christians, marriages being healed and lives being changed.

    It is very encouraging.

  10. Hey Bill! Them are some great questions, and yessir, I’m all ABOUT orphans and widows! That’s what Right Doctrine is all about. Yessiree-bob. Right there with you, pal.

    So shut up and quit asking these questions.


  11. So Bill,

    Why don’t you answer the question rather then pointing the stick at others. What are you personally doing about those things that you listed?


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