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kinnon —  May 5, 2008 — 2 Comments

My friend, Chris Falson, wrote a song a few years ago that profoundly impacted me when I went through a church-induced crisis in 2005. The song is called Love Found Me. (I review and recommend the entire album, Prisoner of Hope here. And here’s the iTunes album link.)

The spirit of that song (or should that be Spirit) permeates a post from this occasional blogger. (Chris is an LA-based musician who has lots on his plate.) Make a point of reading it, please.

Tuesday Update: I have just discovered that, by going to Chris’ blog – you can hear the aforementioned song. I read Chris via RSS and the Flash player doesn’t show up in the feed post.



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  1. cool

    song if this is the same Chris Falson that i think it is then its weird cos his son (as sam sparro) has just had a smash hit single over hear in the UK with the song black and gold

    his connection to his australian gospel singer dad has been picked up in the media a fair bit with alot of interested particularly as the song’s central theme is the question of gods excistence

  2. Chris is Sam’s Dad. I’ve known Sam since his early teens. He’s a great guy who loves Jesus.


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