Good Grief, Charlie Brown

kinnon —  May 13, 2008 — 8 Comments

Some of my friends are blogging on what, at best, is charismania and at worst is abject heresy. This would be my response to it.


Read Robbymac’s Post-Charismatic, please.
The shot was taken by Imbi whilst I was reading in one of the rooms of our friends’ house in Surrey, UK. I devoured Rob’s book in a day.

UPDATE: Please read Cynthia’s post here.

UPDATE 2: Scott nails it here. Really nails it!

UPDATE 3: Read this too, please.

UPDATE 4: Please read Grace’s post and Dave Faulkner’s.



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8 responses to Good Grief, Charlie Brown

  1. What’s funny, is every time I hear about this kind of stuff, all I can think of is that movie, “Leap of Faith”. Great movie, awesome soundtrack, perfect approach to that situation. In spite of the fact that probably 99% of those things are bullshit.. sometimes surprising things happen

  2. Sometimes I wish I understood these things. The rest of the times I think I’m better off just being oblivious.

  3. Daniel, un huh.

    Sonja, I read a bunch of commentary about this stuff yesterday that profoundly depressed me. It’s another world, only loosely connected to this one.

  4. At best self indulgent unholy crap, and at worst…. er…. can’t think of anything for that right now. But if friendship evangelism sounds like a dastardly plot… then this stuff might take the biscuit for alienating your friends from Jesus and his kingdom.

  5. Bill,

    All of this is much like what took place all over the nation in the 80’s. This time, it is a much younger more “hip” crowd. In the early eighties, my wife and I tended to be some of the youngest folks in the crowd. There were a few voices of caution, but for the most part it was full speed ahead into the spirit. The “Toronto Blessing” along with guys like Rodney Howard Browne and stuff in Fla really made a few of us step back and evaluate the theology/thinking of the charismatic movement.

    At that time the move was integrated with the prosperity gospel. The leaders tended to wear expensive clothes and fly in really nice jets. This group is tapping into a more “post-modern” vibe. Bluejeans, tattoos, piercings and of course a gotee are all requirements to be riding the wave. I am sure JIMB/HSIMB worship along with rave type worship dancing dominate the festivities. I will say this…don’t check your brain, your bible or your wallet at the door.

  6. Bill… wow. I think I’ve been repressing these memories. No thanks to you for reviving them (pardon the pun). I can’t believe the crap that is out there, and worse, that I flirted on the edges of it for awhile. Glad I’m out; it’s a cult, man.


  7. Tim,
    Too true.

    Jimmy C,
    I traveled the same circuit as you, I think.

  8. Mark, So sorry. This nonsense makes me want to yell really bad words very loudly.


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