I Don’t Do Memes, but…

kinnon —  May 28, 2008 — 2 Comments

…here’s a couple of cute pictures of Dani (the Spoodle) to distract you. (UPDATE: Or you can go read Barb’s post – which really nails this for me, as well.


Thanks, though to FuturistGuy, Brad Sargent for thinking of me – and to my buddy, Brother Maynard for asking about my favourite book of the Bible. (It would be James, if you really need to know. Which is surprising when this is probably the song that’s closest to my reality.)

And I will give a shout out (responding to Mr. Brad) on one movie.

Lawrence of Arabia is the first movie I can remember going to without my parents. It was the late fall of 1963, I was 8 years old and we were living in France (in the PMQs for 2 Fighter Wing, stationed at Grostenquin.) Here’s a link to an exterior shot of the cinema on the RCAF base. (You gotta love all the things that are but a Google away.) As an aside, my family moved here in 1964 and here in 1967, before coming back to Canada in 1968.



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2 responses to I Don’t Do Memes, but…

  1. Doctor Bill! Doctor Bill! OMG – Mum on memes?

    Well, I completely understand, and “no worries.”

    I got to see the re-release of Lawrence of Arabia in the Cinemascope theatre in Seattle in the 1980s. What an AMAZING experience! Sound around, sight around, sit around. Like, yeahhhhh …

    First movie I remember being in a theatre for was South Pacific. I fell asleep somewhere around “Bali High.” Okay, so, I was probably about 3 years old at the time, so that would be standard operating procedure.

    Okay. nuff for now. rock on, doc!

  2. Just came across this post. I saw Lawrence of Arabia when I was a teenager; extraordinary first half, second a bit long-winded. Saw it in the Regent Theatre here in Dunedin, NZ, one of those marvellous early 20th century picture theatres with decoration everywhere. Can’t remember the first movie I went to, but I wouldn’t have been very old; do remember a very early movie experience in which I was a bit puzzled by the fact that if they killed off an actor in the movie, they must run out of actors pretty quickly.


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