Moving to the South Side

kinnon —  May 26, 2008 — 1 Comment

After 9 months on the North Side, I’m moving to the South Side. (Would that I was talking about my second most favourite NA city after Tdot. That would be Pittsburgh.) For the last .75 of a year, my office has been off of our bedroom. As my computer is often working whilst I’m asleep, the fan noise (even through the glass wall) has been driving Imbi nuts. So. We’ve swapped offices.

And. To be completely honest. I’m not the neatest member of the human species. I think she got tired of walking by the nuclear waste land that is my desk. So. On top of moving. My desk size has been cut down – rather than my mess spreading out – it will now reach for the sky in the 14ft heights of my new office. (The joys of loft living include very high ceilings.)


UPDATE: About 40% done but the computer is back up.



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  1. I must steal this image – I hope you don’t mind – it’s going to be my new desktop wallpaper – I just love it!


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