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kinnon —  May 3, 2008 — 2 Comments

I love Toronto. Dearly love it. (That’s a shot from Toronto Island of my beautiful city in the a.e title bar.)

I can remember flying home from Nairobi in 2002, after being away for two months and getting choked up seeing my neighbourhood starring in My Big Fat Greek Wedding on the BA flight home. (The movie was based on Nia Vardalos’ experience growing up Greek in Winnipeg, was set in Chicago and shot on The Danforth in Toronto. The Danforth is also known as Greektown in the area where I live.)

The Chicago Tribune has a fun little article on Toronto, written by a Chicago native who’s been in my city 137 times. (I should note that though I’ve lived in Toronto for all but two of the last 34 years, I don’t qualify as a native – as my dear, born and bred Torontonian wife, Imbi does. Her name mildly indicative of the fact that my city is more diverse than Miami, LA or NYC.)

The Trib gives you 10 Reasons to Go to Toronto. They include the requisite Tim Horton’s coffee and donut chain, (which you can enjoy or ignore), the University of Toronto downtown Campus (home to both Imbi’s and Rylan’s colleges – Wycliffe and Victoria, respectively), Kaili’s favourite part of Toronto, The Distillery District, and Greektown (though the Trib articles repeats the location mistake found in Wikipedia as to where Greektown begins) – do read the rest of the article for the other six.

There are, however, hundreds more reasons to visit my fair city. And. If we can. We’d love to be your tour guides. After being away from it for three weeks today, I’m greatly missing Toronto. (And my kids and extended family, of course. Including, Dani the dog.)

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  1. Toronto misses you too, Bill.

  2. Let’s do it.


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