30 Years… Good Grief

kinnon —  June 19, 2008 — 6 Comments

I just realized that I graduated from what is now Ryerson University, 30 years ago right around now.

I was smart enough to do all my course work. They were kind enough to give me my earned Bachelor of Applied Arts in Radio & Television Arts. My one mistake*. Not continuing on for my Master’s immediately. Thirty years later, I wish I had.

30 Years! Good grief.

*Would that this was truly my one mistake. But. Unfortunately. There probably aren’t enough available pixels in the universe to cover the myriad mistakes I’ve made in this and the last millennium. (‘Tis true. I am alliterate.)



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6 responses to 30 Years… Good Grief

  1. Man. You’re old.


  2. I’m so old I can’t even think of a smart retort, youngster.

  3. I never regreted working with any Ryerson grad, they knew their stuff and had my back.

    Okay, you’re old; ( a recurring theme here) on behalf of your loyal readers I grant you a PhD in the school of hard knocks. It comes with regrets.:^)

  4. What a 30 year old Master’s degree would have given you is a lot of ideas that today you would have to unlearn. Be grateful that you have the capacity to learn on your own. The known world has changed in those thirty years. Being able to learn and adapt to the digital age is a greater, more valuable gift that the most prestigious degree can ever be.
    As I hit double nickels on Monday, I feel I am far ahead of most of my age group who stopped learning decades ago. I’m humbled by young men and women my children’s age who are so far ahead of me that I’ll never be able to catch up. But I will keep trying.
    Congratulations on your anniversary.

  5. I agree with Ed, considering the context 30 years ago.

    But, we (GenXers, especially in the Canadian context) have found that academic inflation requires us to get MAs. It’s not really much of a choice anymore. A BA alone just doesn’t open many doors (as it once did). So, we straddle more debt to get the earning capacity to both raise a family and pay it all off… And in the age of rapid information/technological multiplication – this just seems like such a 19th century approach to preparing ourselves for life in the 21st century. But what else can you do? 😛

  6. BD,
    Old is definitely a recurring theme at achievable what? Thanks for the kind words, as per usual. They are appreciated.

    You are probably right. Although, the chairman of my course tried to get me to pursue my Master’s in Journalism at Carlton in Ottawa. It would have been good for networking, at the very least.

    It is an unfortunate truth. Even MA’s are becoming a dime a dozen. Our oldest is on a track towards a PhD. The younger two are heading towards MA’s at the very least.


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