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kinnon —  June 27, 2008 — 2 Comments

Back in the days of The People Formerly Known as the Congregation unintentional SynchroBlog, Brother Maynard was the synthesizer of the many posts on the topic. He’s begun the process anew with last week’s What is Missional? SynchroBlog, and, as always, he’s worth reading – Part One, Two and Three, so far.

SUNDAY UPDATE: Read Kingdom Grace‘s Missional SynchroBlog Soundbites in addition to BroMayn’s stuff above.

Kingdom Grace asks the question, Who Can Make the Shift? (from an existing attractional model congregation to a missional church).

The organizing purpose of most churches is the organization itself and the Sunday service. Most believe that the growth of their church and service within the church is the same as building the kingdom. They may be genuinely interested in mission, but it is not their central purpose.

Grace (and I) were impacted by this post from Darryl Dash (the famous Triple D), Church of the Broken.

Jared Wilson’s Love is Never a Waste was pointed out to me by Grace before I had a chance to read it in Google Reader. It helped me profoundly in dealing with some “issues” this week.

One of my favourite bloggers, Jonathan Brink, writes a post on A Connected World. Please read it.

Out of Ur repents for their earlier blog post on Willow Creek’s Reveal study. But will they repent from calling those of us who struggle with WC’s Consumer Church approach, “gloaterswho can’t read – as we took issue with a church that admitted it had screwed up in discipling people – and then marketed that admission to the wider church. I’m just asking. (Let me again point you to Jonathan Brink’s comment on the Out of Ur post – #5 in the list. #4 makes a strong point as well. I’ve added a comment there that may or may not get published. We’ll see.)

I need to spend some time with these gorgeous Sketch-Notes from Mike Rohde @ the Seed 3 event in Chicago.

And though I haven’t been reading Hugh Macleod in quite a while, I did like this recent cartoon of his.


Hugh uses the term market in more of a Cluetrain sense than in a traditional marketing sense.



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2 responses to A Few Random and Not So Random Links

  1. Bill,
    I was happy to read that you found Jared’s post helpful. It was what I needed to read this week also.

  2. Bill, we’ve been at all the same places this week!

    I’m curious if you’ve read this one as well: link to tinyurl.com I thought it was so fantastic, bet you’ll like it as well….


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