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kinnon —  June 13, 2008 — Leave a comment

AckroydBelushiMissional.jpgRick Meigs, the Blind Beggar and one of the practitioning missional voices on these interwebs has proposed a missional synchroblog for next Monday (in which I will participate). It’s an open Synchroblog – Rick just asks that you leave a comment so he can link to you.

Brant Hansen, crazy as a fox, does some wondrous skewering.

If I ever grow up, I wanna be just like Brant…only better looking. And hey, if you were wondering, even achievable what will be willing to take any gold, land, coins and jewellery off your hands. It’s not just churches that need these things, eh!?

In light of Brant’s post, this absolutely cracks me up: a $2,195 160 GB iPod loaded with Dr? Rodney Howard-Browne and Dr? Adonica Howard-Browne’s music and teaching. (I don’t think there’s any weight loss stuff on here, though.) Unfortunately, they be out of stock. I’ll just have to live with my Touch, I guess. (To understand the Dr? designation, please see my previous post.)

Is the fact that I laughed at this a sign that Rodney’s laughing revival is still going on. Oh, my!



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