A Quiet Long Weekend at the Lake

kinnon —  June 29, 2008 — Leave a comment

Although I have a number of things I want to blog about, I’m taking advantage of my time @ the Lake to get some things done around here…and to attempt to relax.

As Robbymac would say, I’ve got a post in Dry Dock called Under the Influence and in another, I want to pursue the Out of Ur Repents post as an example of how many leaders and “journos” don’t get the profound change in communications that has taken place. (A short version – Hybels didn’t like the way the REVEAL revelation spun out of his control, has attempted to get it back under his control, Out of Ur has acquiesced, as they are still old media, and new media types have Fisked that response. Definition of Fisking, here.) BTW – Robbymac gives a clue to his future in a good use of Wordle.

Let me again strongly recommend you read Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody. It’s key to the post I’ll be writing and it’s a very good book, an easy read and profoundly important to understanding the world where we now find ourselves.

Here’s a shot from my Sony Ericsson W810i from last night @ the dock. If you look closely in the lower left you can see Rylan taking a shot as well. (Rylan works @ this marina all summer – as a water taxi driver. The small water taxi is beside him. The larger one is partially viewable at the lower left corner. ‘Tis a rough life.) Speaking of Cell Phones, read Liam’s great post on why he’s not going to be getting one of the new iPhones.




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