At Last! Madiba on Zimbabwe

kinnon —  June 26, 2008 — 5 Comments

We sat with some ex-pat South African friends this past weekend, as we shared stories of SA and Zim. Imbi and I have a great love for both countries and have ached for Zim these last number of years. South African president, Thabo Mbeki’s support for Mugabe has been nothing less than bizarre – and costly in terms of thousands of lives lost.

Many of us having been waiting for a response from Nelson Mandela (affectionately known as Madiba). The LATimes reports that he condemned Mugabe’s leadership yesterday. At last. Thank God.

The LAT reports,

Former South African leader Nelson Mandela on Wednesday joined a growing chorus of African officials criticizing Zimbabwe’s leadership, further shaking longtime President Robert Mugabe’s grip on power.

Mugabe, who long shrugged off Western criticism and sanctions, has seen hitherto staunch allies in Africa, as well as China, turn away one by one in recent days, leaving him facing nearly complete international isolation.

Lord, may there soon be peace in Zim.



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5 responses to At Last! Madiba on Zimbabwe

  1. I was in Zambia last summer, which is just north of Zim and is now seeing a major influx of Zimbabwean refugees as they’re seeing people come in directly from Zim as well as others who initially went to South Africa and now are fleeing there due to the lynching in recent weeks.

    I was also pleased to see Mandela speak up. It’s a difficult situation for Africans because they spent 150 years being oppressed by outsiders trying to run their country for them and so now men like Mbeki are very reluctant to address President Mugabe because they do not want there to be any appearance of colonialism in their actions. Mbeki did an interview with al-Jazeera where he talked about this. He said he didn’t want anyone to think that South Africa was trying to run Zim.

    I don’t think that excuses Mbeki’s actions, but perhaps it puts them in context?

    Thanks for posting on these things Bill, you’re the only blogger I’m subscribed to who regularly posts on international news. Most of them can argue for days about women in ministry or gay marriage but are at a loss for any comment about international human suffering. Thanks for bringing attention to it!

  2. I have many friends in Harare. They are suffering! Scared to death, my friend was chased to her house, pistel whipped in the head and car was taken along with her purse. Mbeki is stupid. What a disapointment he turned out to be. Shame!

  3. Amen Bill.

  4. Bill, I thought I read about this several days ago and that Mugabe rejected Mandela’s correction out of hand. Or am I getting something else confused (which is entirely possible)?

  5. Amen, please bring peace Lord. We know of a few there who have been suffering under Mugabe’s rule. I think they were really praying for change at this election. One couple are just about clinging on to their farm, but have to go to court again in August. I feel so desperate for Zimbabwe yet so useless at the same time.


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