A Favourite Shot…

kinnon —  July 16, 2008 — 6 Comments

…from this weekend, of my boys and me. Taken by Imbi as we arrived at the South Western Pennsylvania wedding of dear friends.


UPDATE: After reading Grace and Sonja’s comments, perhaps I should have called this Don Guglielmo and his sons/bodyguards. Name translation here.



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6 responses to A Favourite Shot…

  1. Great picture Bill!
    It has kind of a mafia vibe. 😉

  2. Maybe I should have called it Papa and his body guards, eh!

  3. Whoa … the three of you look like, “There ain’t room enough in this town for the ____ of us.” The Bad Ass Kinnon Boys are in town. LOL …

    Excellent pic, btw … definite ‘tude!

  4. There is a really lovely resort/spa in southwest PA called Nemacolin. Next time you are anywhere near there you need to take you wife. Trust me, after the 5 star French restaurant, wine tasting and a spa that beats all, you will be her favorite husband!

  5. The Canadian Mafia?

  6. Yes…. a touch of the ‘Reservoir Dogs’ stylee there.


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