Brother Maynard Continues Synthesizing “What is Missional”

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My friend, and fellow traveler in this liminal space we find ourselves in – between the now and the not yet – continues his trip through the 50 Ways to Blog Missional as he synthesizes the comments from 50+ writers. I like the way Brother Maynard lists the descriptors (so far):

  • the term missional is misused by many who don’t understand it;
  • missional church is not the same as emerging church;
  • simply adding the term doesn’t make it so;
  • missional is incarnational;
  • individual missional engagement, not just corporate engagement, matters;
  • missional church roots itself in history by taking a long view of its engagement;
  • missional church is in the hands of the so-called “laity”;
  • missional is a buzz-word only to those who don’t have it in their DNA;
  • missional engagement thrives in the context of third places;
  • missional is a paradigm that should be innate to every healthy church;
  • the missio Dei institutes the missiones ecclesiae;
  • missional builds communitas;
  • the mission is to extend the Kingdom of God;
  • missional engagement takes place within the ordinary, everyday rhythm of life;
  • missional seeks to bring justice to “the other”;
  • missional is contextual, but also at times counter-cultural (contrast society);
  • missional sees no dichotomy between mission and everyday life;
  • missional attempts to transcend relegation to a specific era such as pre-modernity, modernity, or post-modernity;
  • missional church gravitates toward narrative theology and toward the gospels, particularly the Sermon on the Mount;
  • the missional life is likened to that of a pilgrim, an exile, or a vagabond;
  • missional engagement relies on the Holy Spirit;
  • missional community is covenant community; and
  • missional rejects the dualistic thinking of seeing a dichotomy between secular and sacred.

Bob Hyatt adds to the WiM? conversation and wraps the word up in church planting – his own focus:

“Missional” to the very first followers of Jesus looked like planting churches… (Those churches being) a community that together loves God, loves one another and loves the world.

Bob also has a rather fun link to the WittenburgDoor report on Mark “My Definition of Missional is the Only Definition of Missional” Driscoll.



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