If You Were Looking…

kinnon —  July 16, 2008 — 4 Comments

…for an example of overstatement, this one just might make you delirious.

…whatever their futures hold, they leave behind them a gaping hole in the lives of thousands of people.

Really? A gaping hole? Because Delirious is breaking up? I’m sure Joyce Meyer is upset… But. A Gaping Hole? Not so much. [HT: Jan]



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4 responses to If You Were Looking…

  1. Perhaps not for you personally, but for some of us in the UK, delirious? has been a large part of our Christian walk for many, many years. Their ups and downs have mirrored our own – many of their experiences find an echo in our own lives. We’ve used their songs for worship in our churches, gone to their gigs and now some of us are at the stage where we are taking our kids to their gigs. We don’t have the huge Christian music scene that you have in the US and perhaps because of that we seem to relate more closely to our home grown talent – and yes, the demise of delirious? will leave behind a pretty big hole which previously was filled by Christian music that related to where I was at and probably more importantly where I should be at in my relationship with Christ.

  2. Scotty,
    Thanks for your perspective. I appreciate how much you love the band – but my point is overstatement. The death of my father, 14 years ago, left a gaping hole in my life. As did the death of my father-in-law, 21 years ago.

    Martin, Stew et al are not dead. They just won’t be playing together as often – but I have no doubt that individually they will still be writing and performing good music.

    Oh. And I live in Canada…not the US.

  3. I don’t mean to be insensitive, but who are Delirious? It’s an honest question cause I’ve not heard of them, probably because I work hard at staying far, far away from so-called “Christian” music.

  4. Yes we definitely don’t have that kind of Christian radio/music/TV scene here like you do in North America.

    We need some perspective, it’s not like someone dieing or anything, but we do a feel a sadness with them splitting up.

    It’s unfortunate as of late their theology has got rather more challenging with themes of poverty, cancer, consumerism etc. and linkages to Shane Claiborne/Brian McLaren.


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