In a Coffee Shop on Tejon

kinnon —  July 24, 2008 — 1 Comment

Imbi and I  are sitting in Poor Richards, downtown Colorado Springs. Our flights were uneventful. I’m drinking a crushing chocolate shake with a shot of espresso.

I awoke @ 3am to the sound of a dying smoke detector. Very annoying. Never got back to sleep as we were to be up @ 4:30am anyway. Hopefully the shake will provide a little needed energy to my flagging butt.

Touchscreencap2 Thought the two Wall-E reviews were funny back to back on Twitter. The pic is a screen cap from the iPod Touch. Originally put into the post on the Touch from a screen cap from the Touch.

The Typepad app on the Touch lacks some basic funtionality – most of it based on limitations of the Touch/iPhone system – the inability to capture text as just one example. [This post has been edited on the laptop as we are now in our "resting place" for the next four "sleeps".]



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  1. LOL … as one of your tweets pictured above, I guess your perspective on the movie depends on what you want to get out of it. I never expect much and am easily entertained … so I liked it. Plus, it helped seeing it with an eleven year old boy.


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