Jonathan Brink: Change vs Tradition

kinnon —  July 30, 2008 — Leave a comment

Jonathan’s post from today, Change vs. Tradition is one of the reasons he’s one of my first reads in Google Reader. Jonathan uses the Helen Mirren movie, The Queen as the recurring metaphor in his post:

I am a realist at heart. I recognize that the change doesn’t always produce what we want it to. I consider my own journey with the changing of the church. The cost of my journey within the emerging church could have drastic consequences for some, perhaps even my children. And the risk I take in participating is change that comes at the loss of valuable tradition, which at best is very destabilizing and at worse could be completely wrong.

I wrestle with the traditions we have inherited that seem stifling and even oppressive to some. The value of the traditions is also their burden. Like Queen Elizabeth who was virtually locked in her incapacity to respond to Princess Diana’s death because of protocol, the traditions with the church can and often do incapacitate us to respond to the work of the Holy Spirit.

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