Long Holiday Weekend

kinnon —  July 1, 2008 — 2 Comments

Other than being in Toronto to finish an Allelon edit yesterday, I’m enjoying the extra-long Canada Day weekend @ the Lake. Skies are blue with a few clouds, the Lake is calm enough to go kayaking (Liam and Abby just circumnavigated the island in a two-person version) and the tensions of the previous weeks are simply melting away.

Happy 131st *141st Birthday, Canada. Happy upcoming 4th of July to those wonderful Americans who stop by – and to the rest of you wonderful people, may your day be filled with all things good and true. (*Thanks to Peter B from Germany for the math correction. I must be waaay to relaxed.)



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2 responses to Long Holiday Weekend

  1. Hey Bill

    Canada is 141 years old today.

    You’re just trying to stay in 1998 and remain younger yourself.

  2. Will,
    I got an email from someone else, just before your comment came through. My excuse. Too relaxed and too old as you suggested <8-)>


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