Metavista, The Café Interview up @ Allelon

kinnon —  July 2, 2008 — Leave a comment

Part One of the interview series, of Colin Greene talking about the book he wrote with Martin Robinson, Metavista – is up at Allelon. Part Two and Three will go up over the next month or so. Martin wanders over to the café in Part Three and joins the conversation.

The video was shot by Imbi and I in Lisbon, Portugal this past spring during the Eurochurch Conference. We set up on the patio of a café and the interview begins with Alan Roxburgh (now known as A-Rox according to Ryan Bell on Twitter) asking Colin about the origins of the book.

One of the historical interesting parts of the interview is in the discussion of the 18th Century earthquake that devastated Lisbon – and the impact that earthquake had on the Enlightenment. The issue of Theodicy was raised, as thousands of people were killed while attending church. (Oddly enough, the earthquake happened on the Feast of All Saints Day, 300 years to the day before I was born.)




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