Movie: The Visitor

kinnon —  July 15, 2008 — 3 Comments

One of the best movies Imbi and I saw at this year’s Sundance Film Festival was Tom McCarthy’s The Visitor. (McCarthy was responsible for The Station Agent – another indy favourite.) Gareth Higgins has a film podcast coming up where he discusses The Visitorbut he says enough here to tell you how much he liked the film. I would concur with his statement that it “might still end up being the most engaging film I’ve seen all year.

Make a point of listening to Gareth’s podcast if you can – but you must see The Visitor. You might also want to check out the always informative and entertaining Kindlings Muse’ Dick Staub and his film critic crew on this podcast – where The Visitor is discussed along with Wall-E, Iron Man and other films.

See the trailer below. (The Visitor starts off slow but ends with an emotional punch.)



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3 responses to Movie: The Visitor

  1. Bill I saw this movie awhile back and I also just loved it. I, however, did not think it started slow (maybe that’s ’cause I’m a gal and not a manly man such as yourself?!). I was mesmerized from the opening scene, I really was.

  2. bill.. wow.. this looks really good 🙂

  3. btw, have you seen USHPIZIN.. there are some similarities and its a great story.


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