Some Conditions May Apply

kinnon —  July 15, 2008 — 1 Comment

Back in the day when we actively ran a post-production facility, hundreds of commercials were completed by our company. One of things I used to find particularly bizarre was the need to create what we called “mouse type” terms and conditions that sat at the bottom of the screen on the last shot of the commercial. They were virtually unreadable on our high end monitors, never mind at home – and they were never up long enough to read anyway. But they met some bureaucratic legal requirement imposed by our wonderful government. You’d often find the same thing done as super fast text reading @ the end of a radio spot.

Michael Spencer takes this metaphor and applies it to scripture in his brilliant, Read the Fine Print. Michael offers the fine print after Matthew 11: 28-30 (Jesus saying “my yoke is easy, burden is light.”) Michael’s fine print includes,

Actual offer applies to Jesus only in a mysterious, spiritual sense. Application of offer is restricted in most actual churches to persons fulfilling additional requirements as determined appropriate by theologians and church leadership. Persons wishing to take advantage of said offer should contact their local Jesus franchise and fulfill specific requirements.

Offer does not pertain to the Lord’s Supper in many places due to additional theological complications in church history.

Definition of “Labor and heavy laden” varies in individual cases and may not include sexual sinners, adulterers, criminals and addicts. Those interested in this offer who continue to experience serious sin problems should see their local franchise to discuss what variations on the offer are available to sinners without a testimony of deliverance.

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  1. Love it.

    Oh, happy 25th! And many, many more.


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