Celebrating 25 Years

kinnon —  August 19, 2008 — 6 Comments

Rylan called us from the cottage on Wednesday – said he’d gotten a deal on tickets for We Will Rock You – and he wanted to take us to it. We were supposed to be joining him at the cottage that evening – so he said to bring a good change of clothes for Saturday’s event.

We finally went to the cottage Friday evening.

Saturday was a day gently busy with cottage and other things. As the time to leave approached, Rylan kept suggesting I take a shower. My response was that since we had to drop the Spoodle, Dani at the loft – I’d take a shower there. Rylan kept pushing me to shower before we left, until I finally told him that at 52 I was quite capable of deciding where and when I would avail myself of falling water with cleansing agents applied.

We got back to the city an hour before show-time and Rylan (now with a somewhat evil look on his face, I later remembered) told me to head on up to “get your shower, Dad.” Spoodle in tow, I burst through the front door with Imbi a few steps behind. (I know, ‘twould seem my days as a gentleman might be over.)

“SURPRISE!” Echoed as I stepped into the well lit foyer of our loft. What seemed like hundreds of eyes grinned at me – and Imbi peaking out from behind me. My first thought was, “I need a shower and they are in my way to the bathroom.” My second thought was, “I was really looking forward to We Will Rock You.” My third thought was “I really need a shower!”

The loft exploded with conversation, laughter and fun. The kids had done a remarkable job of cleaning and arranging the place after we’d left 24 hours before. (Turns out they’d been waiting for us to depart since Wednesday. Our continual delay in leaving created a rather high level of stress for them. Isn’t that what parents are for?) Family and friends were everywhere (save the rooms where certain clutter precluded habitation – my office being the prime example). An iPhoto slideshow produced by Kaili and Liam animated the pixels on two large screens in different areas of the loft. (The slideshow highlighted how men’s shorts were particularly unattractive in the early eighties!)

What a great evening. Liam, Rylan, Kaili, Liam’s girlfriend Abby and Rylan’s girlfriend, Emily are to be commended for a wonderful event that still has Imbi and I smiling. Here’s a link to the Facebook Photo Album with shots from Saturday night and from the year we got married. (I can’t believe I’ve succumbed to using Facebook.)

I think the thing that made me feel old was realizing that this was our Silver Anniversary. It was still a wonderful evening (and the last 25 years have been pretty wonderful, all things considered).

Thanks kids! You truly Rocked Us! (But Rylan, we still want to go to We Will Rock You.)



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6 responses to Celebrating 25 Years

  1. Bill and Imbi — Congratulations. That’s wonderful.

    I hope our kids do something that cool for us in — oh man, is this right? — seven years.

  2. Congrats, my blog friend!


  3. Bill,

    I actually saw the Facebook photos before your post. With the craziness of the past few weeks I thought I could have overlooked a blog post you created regarding the great 25th party friends and family threw for ya’ll.

    Celebrate your 25 years all year long…it is a great accomplishment that should be relished and enjoyed!


  4. Bill,

    Congratulations on your anniversary! May the next 25 be even better than the first 25!!!



  5. Congratulations!

  6. Big Guy and Imbi — Congratulations. Well done. A milestone well worth celebrating.


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