Delayed Travel

kinnon —  August 8, 2008 — 3 Comments

I had a mostly pleasurable travel experience coming up to the Lake yesterday. I walked from our loft to the subway. Used the system to quickly get to Union Station in downtown Tdot, and then grabbed a GO Train to just south of the Lake where Imbi picked me up for a twenty minute drive to the dock. (Our summer place is on an island in Lake Simcoe.)

Going North the skies were rather dark – but the storm seemed to have traveled east of where we were going. “Seemed” would be the operative word. The reality was the storm was stalled right over the dock. We couldn’t get across for over an hour – while we experienced strong winds, hail and lots of rain. This shot was taken just a little further up the Lake from us. I “borrowed” it from here.




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  1. yikes!

  2. Cool picture! I guess we caught the edge of that storm over here in Barrie, on the west of the lake. Didn’t see the funnel cloud, but like you we had the big black clouds and lightning linger over us for several hours.

  3. How’s my birth town doing, Trevor. Haven’t been in downtown Barrie in too many years.

    The scariest moment for us was being half-way across to the island when we realized the sump pump wasn’t working in the boat – and the engine compartment was filled with water. “I’m sinking, I’m sinking” came to mind.

    Fortunately there were no funnel clouds anywhere near us at the time.


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