Rob Mathes as Preacher

kinnon —  August 28, 2008 — 2 Comments

I’ve mentioned Rob Mathes here numerous times. Imbi and I had the fun and privilege of working with Rob when we produced the Maranatha video Chris Falson and the Amazing Stories back in a previous millennium. (Rob was the Music Director, audio producer and arranger.) We have loved all of Rob’s own music projects (available on iTunes, folks) as well as many of the other projects he’s produced and/or arranged. (Including the new Panic at the Disco.)

I’ve never known Rob as a preacher, however. ‘Til now, that is.

Rob brings together the Psalms, King Lear, an Irish poet & his wife and Rob’s profound love for Jesus in a sermon he preached at Trinity Church in Greenwich, CT – where he’s the music director. Please listen to the entire sermon – and enjoy the musical treat at the end – Rob ringing them bells! The sermon is from August 17th and is only available online for a month. Or you can subscribe to all the Trinity Church sermons via iTunes (as I’ve just done.)

Note that the Internet Monk spoke with Trinity Senior Pastor Ian Cron back in March. The interview is also well worth your time.



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2 responses to Rob Mathes as Preacher

  1. I discovered Rob Mathes about 5 or 6 years ago when he did a Christmas special on PBS. Since then I search high and low for his stuff. Anything with his name attached appears to be golden. Thanks for the update.

  2. I wonder if the sermon is posted anywhere still, I wanted to listen again and have lost it!!!


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