A Pic from a Previous Millenium

kinnon —  September 22, 2008 — 3 Comments

Imbi and I are heading out on another production this morning. We’ve done 100s of projects together in the 24 years we’ve been in business (and the now 25+ years we’ve been married). This shot is from some music producing we did before we got married – a project that featured a now well-known lawyer on grand piano and Imbi’s younger sister on vocals. Somewhere in our pile of stuff, the 2″ reel of audio tape from these sessions exists.

This particular session was rather laid back. Gotta love my white canvas shoes in the shot. Imbi is as gorgeous as ever.




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3 responses to A Pic from a Previous Millenium

  1. Love it. An MCI 16 track 2″ machine, Auratones (horrortones) on the console bridge, and an Otari 2-tk (?) just visible over in the right corner. Many of us still think 2″ 16-tk is the best sounding multi-track format on the planet.

  2. O
    I know nothing about cool machines, but, like, I’m sure I’ve been on a ‘slouch couch’ zactly like that, mebbe even the same cloth pattern. Ahhh … comfort … amazing …

  3. Too cute! 🙂


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