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A while back, I wrote a post called Missional Guru Test. It was a bit of a snark about people who speak about missional, but are not themselves connected to a local Christian community.

As I wander the interwebs reading of missional this and that, I’m struck by the number of folk who’ve become “missional gurus”. They have apparently unraveled the mysteries of the missional “secret sauce” and are desperate to share their insight with the rest of us – whether by blog, book or conference. I have a simple question I’d like us to ask our dear sistren and brethren as they share their missional insights.

“So, how’s it working for you?”

I confess that I’m really not interested in hearing theories anymore. I want to know how the missonal profundities emanating from the particular guru are applied in their own lives – right now. Not last year, last century or last millenium. But. Right now.

I had a chance last month to spend some time chatting with Ed Stetzer. In terms of being a prolific writer, Ed appears to be challenging NT Wright’s output. What I also appreciate about Ed is that he’s actually a practitioner. He’s engaged with a local community where he lives. His research and wrting is not just theory – it’s practice.

Ed has a great post from yesterday, prompted by our conversation from early this summer.



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