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kinnon —  September 15, 2008 — 1 Comment

Although I don’t use it anywhere near as often as I should (because it runs on an older PC we rarely turn on here), I am a fan of Logos Bible Software.


Kent Hendricks, one of the good people at Logos, has made me aware that they are in the prepublication stage of preparing the Paternoster Missional Theology Collection for possible release. Smart people that they are, they will only go ahead with this based on interest.

So. If you’re a Logos user and interested in Missional Theology, you might want to pre-order this well priced 16 volume collection. And if you’re not a Logos user, check it out. Their Mac version is in Beta 1 release. (And I need to download and install it myself.)

Note: I received nothing from Logos for the writing of this post. As I said up front, I am a fan.



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One response to Logos Software – Missional Theology Collection

  1. Looks really great! Out of my price range, even with the very generous pre-pub deal. I have little doubt this will find a very eager consumer base.


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