Ubiquity and My Inner Geekiness

kinnon —  September 1, 2008 — 1 Comment

The Scoble-bunny pointed to Ubiquity, a cool game-changing Firefox plug-in, last week and I’m enjoying it. If, like me, you suffer from a little inner geekiness, you might want to play too. (I should note also that my buddies, Ed Brenegar and BigDaddo also pointed it out.)

Ubiquity is a 0.1 release that promises to bring web mash-up tools to everyone. Below is a simple map search (of the Centre of the Universe), that provides the ability to embed the map in an email. (Watch this video.) This doesn’t even scratch the surface of Ubiquity’s power. (Check this out for a lot more info. And come play with me.)




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  1. wow.. this has intriguing potential.. and yeh, my inner geek is smiling..


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