A Rather Fun New Title Bar

kinnon —  October 4, 2008 — 6 Comments

Imbi was glancing through our iPhoto library and noticed something that made her smile. She was getting a shot of me standing with Pete and Kath Atkins after we’d had lunch together in London this past spring.


Note the ad on the bus behind my head.


It’s now the title bar at these rarely achievable ends – a name I hope to move away from as soon as possible.

And here’s the staged shot of the three of us – the bus has moved on.




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6 responses to A Rather Fun New Title Bar

  1. I like it!

  2. I love it!

  3. and dood!~ are those, like, new glasses since last i saw you what – a year ago?


    double nice, actually, without The Theology of Nice. how much better could it get?

    all right, no need to answer that’n’.

    and willst thou be holding a new-name-the-blog contest? i’m thinkin’ how about ‘inscrutable ends’? with a lil digitalwhite-out, yuh oughta be able to manage the paradigm shift …

  4. This is my favorite one yet …

    … and I totally dig the spectacles!!!

  5. Bill, could this be a little ironic message for all of us from someone who lives in the world of media?

    I worked in Hollywood for five years and often said I was taking part in the scene of the crime.

  6. NICE!


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