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kinnon —  October 15, 2008 — 8 Comments

I ended my “Get Serious” post (two posts ago) with an addendum. In it I quoted Dr. Al Mohler, speaking on the wonders of American capitalism. Apparently, it wasn’t obvious that I was being sarcastic in my quote. Mohler seemed as inflicted as most North American Christians with an almost exclusive focus on ourselves – and the really horrible times we are going through. (I need to quickly finish this post so I can rush out to the food lines in hopes of getting a piece of moldy bread and a cup of thin gruel.)

Perhaps we could look for sympathy in the two-thirds world, where most would simply be happy with clean drinking water. Or in sub-Saharan Africa, where mosquito nets costing only a dollar per, would dramatically reduce the number of children who die daily from malaria – one every 30 seconds. (Only 3% of the most at-risk kids have the nets in place.)

Clean drinking water and effective anti-malaria protection would have profound impact on the economic well-being of individuals, families and nations in sub-Saharan Africa – where up to 40% of health expenditures go to treating malaria alone – that treatment doesn’t deal with the parasites and diseases that accompany dirty water.

I want to point you at two things on this Blog Action Day. The first is the Blood:Water Mission.

Blood:Water Mission is partnering with groups and individuals to empower Africans to build healthier communities through sustainable clean blood and clean water solutions, while developing social responsibility in the U.S. through initiatives that provoke personal engagement and ownership.


We’ve given to Blood:Water today, and I’d ask that you’d consider giving as well.

The second thing I’d ask is that you watch this video from Physicist Neil Turok, 2008 TED prize winner. Perhaps the next Einstein will be saved by the clean water and mosquito nets we help to provide.

UPDATE: Read Brother Maynard’s Blog Action Day Post, please.

UPDATE 2: Please read Jake Meador and Jamie Arpin-Ricci, too.

This post is part of Blog Action Day 08 – Poverty



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8 responses to Blood:Water, TED & Turok – Blog Action Day

  1. Wow! Thanks for that clarification Bill ! It certainly was lost on me… You appear to be among those who believe that greed is a matter of economic systems rather than a matter of the heart. We differ greatly in this estimation, friend.

  2. was good of you to donate. also noticed your kiva banner. πŸ™‚

    i love kiva. πŸ™‚ am currently unable to make a donation though, so i also put up its banner on my blog (as well as that of freerice and goodsearch).

    saw this post via the front page of blog action day. it’s great that you’re participating. πŸ™‚

  3. Susan,
    I grew up as a laissez-faire Ayn Rand-influenced capitalist. I do believe that greed is a matter of the heart – just as I believe that the only solution to the world’s problems is Jesus.

    My comment is more that Mohler’s focus is on the country of the United States rather than the Kingdom of God. His focus is not the universal Body of Christ but the nation-state/Empire in which he finds himself.

    If the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and the other rich areas of the world have the wherewithal to bailout the greed infused money systems of the world – then they had more than enough money before that to at least deal with the water and basic health issues in the 2/3rds world. (And yes I recognize the problems in those areas of the world – with rampant greed and corruption. I once spent many hours attempting and finally succeeding in getting school supplies through an African nation’s customs – where bribes where not just expected but demanded. They started at $3000 and ended up with $200.)

    Like Churchill on Democracy, I think capitalism is a terrible system – except when compared to all the others.

    And as a side note, I am aghast at the political situation in your country. The suspension of disbelief on the part of more than half of your populace (including many Christians I once respected) regarding one candidate – with a complete inability to actually judge facts – leaves me very afraid for your nation (and for my own as we are inextricably intertwined). And the choice on the other side is only marginally better. I would be tempted to write-in Bugs Bunny for Pres.

  4. I’ve got a fundraising page for Blood:Water here, and I’m investing my earnings today in the Grameen Foundation.

    Enjoyed reading your Blog Action Day post; found it on the BAD blog. I’ve also blogged about the potential for raising money online to combat poverty.

  5. Kouji,
    Good on you putting up the Kiva banner.

    Beth, I look forward to reading your blogs. And I’ll turn the urls into links for you above.

  6. Bill,
    *whew* – Ayn Rand! I studied her ethics while working on my MA. um. . . Yikes. I could (and did) write a whole paper on that way of seeing the world, but I digress…

    I am not, generally, a fan of Al, who poses as an expert on everything about everything from economics to ethics to being a good baptist to being a “good american.” Whatever.
    I agree with you that Mohler’s comments are more about America — I think they exhibit a kind of tunnel-vision that is unhelpful at best and arrogant at worst. Still, Churchill…well, he said a lot of things that are right, and you quote one of those things here. Its the best we have, warts n all. I dont believe its demise is going to make greedy hearts turn soft and generous.

    I whole-heartedly agree with your logic when you write:

    If the US, Canada, the UK, Europe and the other rich areas of the world have the wherewithal to bailout the greed infused money systems of the world – then they had more than enough money before that to at least deal with the water and basic health issues in the 2/3rds world.

    I was writing my representatives furiously, on this very topic. One of them actually had the courage to vote “no” on the bailout. A small delight amidst this insanity. Too bad there were not more like him.

    I, too, am aghast… and find myself promoting Bugs Bunny’s cousin (one of the two major candidates) because a write-in vote guarantees the alternative, and this is just unthinkiable to me, even if we have to live with 4 more years of greed and war before this, too, gets fixed. Please pray for America, as I pray for Canada, because you are right; our nations are intertwined and the ability of those of us who belong to the heavenly Kingdom to bless ALL the nations is affected as well by what happens politically. We cannot be stopped, but we can be challenged. Some days, I think the latter might be good for us but I don’t want to wish it on anyone, even if it seems like we deserve it. God have mercy.

    peace to you, Bill


  7. Thanks for the shout out!


  8. Bill, this post takes me back to watching the movie FLOW at Sundance. I hadn’t really thought through the ethics of bottled water until seeing that documentary. It is playing in select independent theaters now. Blood:Water Mission is doing the important work of offering living water to folks.


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