It’s Hansen’s Fault

kinnon —  October 24, 2008 — 2 Comments

Searching for some illogical reason to blame for my almost total lack of posting, I’ve decided it’s Brant Hansen’s fault. Since he’s not posting, neither I am.

Now. I have found time to waste on Facebook (as has the aforementioned radio guy) and even twitter – but blogging, I d’know. It just seems so 2004. (You’d need to be reading Doc Searls – at the very least – to get that reference.)

In related news, Gmail now offers Smilies and Canned Responses. How cool is that!? (I expect the Canned Responses to be very effective in blog communication.)




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2 responses to It’s Hansen’s Fault

  1. You know, we could probably go together and get a bulk therapy discount.

  2. Works for me.


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