Jordon Cooper – “…the church sees the world as a market”

kinnon —  October 4, 2008 — 3 Comments

Not that I’m one to comment, but Jordon hasn’t been as active of late on these Interwebs. However, when he does get a few minutes to write, he says things like this, on why he didn’t take an offer of a pastoral position,

…despite using the language of mission, the church sees the world as a market (and I wonder if a lot of pastors see the church as their market). Anyways it helped me realize that I didn’t have the passion or energy to lead something that saw the world as a market and for which I wasn’t sure if it wanted to see it as a mission. At the end of the day I realized I had more in Saskatoon that I wanted to accomplish.

Comments like this are one reason that though I may delete other bloggers, Coop will always have a place in Google Reader for me.



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3 responses to Jordon Cooper – “…the church sees the world as a market”

  1. I love the new banner…that photo is just plain cool. Not you, just the photo.

  2. Jimmy,
    You made me laugh out loud.

  3. I should respeak. You could be the “coolest-film-audio-writer-web-producer-christian dude” that I know. At this time, you are the only “film-audio-writer-web-producer-christian dude” I know. The list is short…one. So, on that list you are the coolest.

    Now, my 20yr old daughter would say that the glass frames are cool. Black leather is always cool as is world travel, but that does not say a thing about the man, Bill.


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