An Interesting Weekend, So Far

kinnon —  November 16, 2008 — 3 Comments

Friday evening, the four available Kinnons (Liam being in Antigonish, Nova Scotia), were taken by producer-extraordinaire, Andrew Morris to hear another producer-extraordinaire, Daniel Lanois. (Andrew’s not quite as well known as Daniel. But, then again, he’s also 20 years younger. Just you wait. Check out Andrew’s work with Kaili here – a cover of Stevie Wonder’s Lately – Andrew produces, arranges and plays all instruments.)

Lanois@MasseyHall.jpgI was wiped from a rather intense week, and really wasn’t expecting much from the Lanois concert @ Massey Hall. I’d been aware of him since his Grant Avenue Studio days in Hamilton, Ontario. We’d also worked with his younger brother, Bob, on one or two music videos a long time ago. (Scene by Scene, our edit facility, was in its first building then.) I was aware of the Eno connection and Lanois’ work with some of my favourite artists. His production on Robbie Roberston’s 1987 debut solo album, was where I sat up and took notice. But it was his co-producing of U2 where Lanois came to wider fame.

With his production credits (that include him winning 10 Grammys and 5 Juno Awards), it’s easy to ignore the fact that he is talented writer and performer. A fact that was made abundantly clear at Massey Hall, Friday night. The evening began with one of Lanois’ better known songs, The Maker, from his 1989 album, Acadie.

Andrew and Rylan commented that this sounded like when the band did their soundcheck, as the mix was not up to Lanois standards at that point. That being said, Lanois had me from the first song. Or. I should say. Lanois and his band, featuring the amazing Brian Blade on drums, had me. Blade alone was worth the evening. Not to take anything away from the great bass playing and sweet high vocals of Marcus Blake, or the strength of Jim Wilson on guitar and vocals. These four truly seemed to enjoy playing with each other – and the evening had the loose feel of a band that could follow their leader anywhere. A standout of the evening (and it was all great) was Duo Glide with Lanois on pedal steel and Blade on drums. (The other two took a brief break.)

As my good buddy, Darryl Dash said, this was evening you didn’t want to have missed. Though Darryl’s wife, Charlene, commented that the 2nd balcony’s seats left much to be desired in terms of space and comfort. Imbi’s comment was in ten years, a mythology will have grown around this concert – as one of the all time greats. I’d put it up with the best I’ve seen including Springsteen in the seventies and Dire Straits in the early 90’s. You’ll be able to hear it on CBC Radio 2 on January 26th – and it will be available as a streaming file after that – for a year. Don’t miss it. (Sun Media’s Jane Stevenson has a better review of the evening.)

GrumpyBearInKitchen001-1-1.jpgSaturday morning , began with an ursus grumpius loose in the loft. Unfortunately, that grumpy bear was me. Imbi did her best to help the beast, but unfortunately not before I managed to offend one of my dear children – the other one wisely hid whilst ursus grumpius was uncaged in the kitchen. (I did manage to apologize some hours later.) It was actually easy for the day to improve after that.

With Ursus G. well hidden in the nether regions of my personality, Imbi and I spent the morning teaching camera work to two men who will be assisting us during the ACI Conference that features NT Wright later this month. Imbi was at her normal gifted teaching best. I was her somewhat helpful assistant.

DrewMarshallJesusBloggers.jpgSaturday afternoon , I was off in the rain to pick up Dr. Darryl Dash (Triple D) to head out to Oakville and CJOY – the radio station that hosts The Drew Marshall Show. Triple D, the Internet Monk et moi, were the guests for a segment Drew and his producer called, The Jesus Bloggers. As they rather nicely said,

A rare collection of some of the most interesting Jesus Bloggers online today. Drew and the boys will chat about the U.S. election, The Shack, Prosperity Doctrine, and basically anything they want to from the crazy world of North American Christendom. Feel free to join Drew and the Jesus Bloggers in what’s sure to be a wild ride through the world of Christianity 101!

It was an absolute blast. My favourite part of our time together was Michael Spencer unpacking The Shack – a book he was originally quite positive about and one he still believes should be read. Michael helped me understand my own dis-ease with the book (which I finally finished this past week.) If you read no other of Michael’s posts on the Shack, read this one, please.

In the book, it’s author, Paul Young spends a lot of time having Papa, Jesus and Sarayu (the Holy Spirit) diss the church and agree with the de-churched (like me) who struggle with the Christendom model. Might I suggest that it’s rather dangerous to create a Trinity who agree with me – rather than me, with my limited understanding, attempting to agree with God.

This portion of Michael, Darryl’s and my time together with Drew is well worth listening to. I liken this part of Young’s book to John Galt’s speech in Atlas Shrugged (though I call Galt – Howard Roark, the architect in The Fountainhead – though I’d argue they are really the same character – and heck, I read all of Rand’s writing before I was 15 – a long time ago.) It should be up at Drew’s site by next Friday (November 21st).

Kaili and Imbi made a point of listening to the show and gave us two thumbs up. (Although, I apparently went off on a tangent at one point – which shouldn’t be a shock to anyone who knows me.) It was a real treat for me to be with the always gracious DDD and the ever brilliant iMonk. And Drew is funny, irreverent, passionate and a gifted interviewer.

Sunday has a been a true day of rest. I’ve had a little fun in Photoshop while writing this post. We hope to hear Fleming Rutledge this evening at Little T, but now I’m off to see my Mom.



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  1. Bill

    What a great weekend. Thanks for pointing to the post on The Shack. It gave me words for how I have felt about the book. I hope the week ahead holds good things for you.


  2. Drew and the boys…?

    Geez Bill.
    Can religious marketing get any more adolescent?

    Looking forward to hearing your tangent, glad you had fun.

  3. Just listened to the radio show, fun stuff. I’m going to chalk that down as my church community moment for the month!


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