Chicago with David Fitch and Ed Stetzer

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Imbi and I had a very good day with Dave and Ed, yesterday. We picked Ed up from TEDS (where he's been teaching this week) and met Dave at the building where Life on The Vine gathers. (I've written that line intentionally as Life on the Vine does not focus their life around the building – though the building is theirs.)

Imbi and I shot over an hour with Dave and Ed in a freewheeling conversation that covered all things missional. Dave and Ed had fun, but they also covered some serious topics where they don't agree – primarily around the issue of whether Megachurches can be missional. Dave states his position very clearly in this post. Ed states his position just as clearly in this article for Outreach Magazine.

The four of us left the church to grab a quick bite and then headed over to TEDS where Ed was both teaching a class and teaching a seminar @ a pastor's conference (at the same time). I shot Ed's 90 minute presentation (which will be up somewhere by the end of the year), took a break, and came back to shoot a further conversation in front of the class with Dave and Ed. (I'm sorry we'll miss Joe Thorn who will be with Ed today @ TEDS.)

As Dave commented a couple of times, Ed could easily make a living as a talk show host. (Especially as the man is slimming down rapidly and looks good on camera.) Ed's funny, faster than a Ferrari and passionate about his faith. (He's also got a gazillion degrees which doesn't hurt – and he's a researcher par excellence.) Those of us a little older than brother Ed were dragging our "derrieres" a little by the early evening – while Ed, the Energizer Bunny, was busy planning his 6:30 am breakfast gathering for the next morning.

To make sure you don't get the wrong impression, Dave, who has a bit of a Jack Nicholson thing going on, more than held his own in all the discussions (which often included gales of laughter) – and Imbi & I think you're going to enjoy the videos that come out of our time here in the Windy City. (Which we are about to drive into to grab some b-roll. Especially as we've never actually been in the city – though we've been at O'Hare way too many times. We've been out in the North West 'burbs with Dave & Ed.)

And if you haven't already been watching them, here's the first of Ed's Mission/Al videos. (I think a number of folk think it's them being skewered in the videos which brings this song to mind, but I digress.)

You can get the rest of them on Ed's blog. Prepare to be amused.



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