Fall Leaving

kinnon —  November 4, 2008 — 8 Comments

It was one of those odd fall days in Toronto. Temps were mid-Septemberish rather than first week of Novemberish. Today’s high in Toronto hitting 66ºF.

In spite of the weather, and without going into details, I confess that for the last 48 hours I’ve felt as if run over by a steamroller – flat, crushed and of no use to anyone.

And then I saw these gorgeous leaves whilst out for a walk with the dog. They reminded me of the inherent goodness of God’s creation – in the midst of all the brokenness in this world.




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8 responses to Fall Leaving

  1. God does that well, doesn’t he.

  2. Sorry you’ve been feeling flat Bill.

    Any idea what kind of tree that is?

    Someone tended their property and cared for their neighbourhood well.

  3. can definitely relate to the steamroller feeling. those colours are glorious. i don’t know about canada, but i’m sure our autumn here is that bit more spectacular than usual this year.

  4. i mean here in the UK.

  5. In deed, Jonathan.

    Thanks, BD. I have no idea the type of tree. (I can barely tell coniferous from deciduous.)

    Carlo, I look forward to pics from the old sod.

  6. It looks like a Japanese Maple …

  7. Sonja,
    That’s what Imbi said, too. Just got back to my desk and you beat me to the comment.

  8. Thanks, it’s stunning.


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