I’m Done with Thanksgiving

kinnon —  November 27, 2008 — 5 Comments

Really. Completely. Totally over. Don’t even know why I’d talk about it.

Other than to wish my American friends a Happy Thanksgiving.

You see, our Canadian Thanksgiving was back in October, almost a month and a half ago. Which is why I’m so over it.

But. On a recent conference call, an American friend who is also a client, jokingly asked what exactly Canadians have to be thankful for. Without skipping a beat (proving my mouth moves faster than my brain), I said, “The fact we are not Americans.”

(And before you get your tail feathers in a knot on that one, I was quite willing to become a dual citizen of the US and Canada when we came very close to moving to one of my favourite American city, Pittsburgh, six years ago. And yes, I realize I would have had to wait the requisite amount of time.)

And now I’m off for another day of production.



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5 responses to I’m Done with Thanksgiving

  1. Oh … g’wan wit’ your bad self … at least we’re now more socialist than Canadians, but only when our banks fail. We don’t actually want to take care of people, just money.

    I’m thankful for you today, Bill and I was back in October too!! You be productive, I’m going to eat pie …

  2. Nice come back. I recall once while in Ecuador I’d gone to an Internet café and there were two obviously North American there (most were locals). I asked if they were Americans and their highly indignant response was, “God know! Were Canadian.” Still brings a chuckle when I think about it.

  3. lol. Isn’t that the whole Canadian identity right there? “We are not Americans.” Well, I suppose it’s better than hypernationalism.

  4. Thanks for the kind wishes, Bill! And don’t feel too badly about that retort. We would say the same thing about you guys, proving we all deserve each other! ha ha!

    Anyway, if you hanker for some turkey just drive around the lake and we’ll take care of you.



  5. Bill,

    As an American I laughed when I read that. That was a great comeback.


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