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kinnon —  November 11, 2008 — 1 Comment

Kai-SimcoeBG.jpgOur beautiful and gifted 17 yr old daughter, Kaili, working with our good friend, Producer/Arranger/Musician Andrew Morris has recorded their take on Stevie Wonder’s Lately. Check it out @ Pure Volume, please. It’s available for download.

(Andrew Morris is a true Renaissance man: entrepreneur, inventor, recording engineer, producer, musician and an all around great guy.)

LiamRylan-SOS.jpgI should also point you to two of the other musicians in the Kinnon family – Liam & Rylan as the band Substance over Style – all instruments, vocals and most production by these two gifted men. (Daydreams and Nightmares, available for download is one of my favourite songs of theirs. It’s blasting out of my speakers as I write this.) Liam Kinnon – guitar, bass, some bgvs. Rylan Kinnon – keyboards, vocals and drums.

Stay tuned for a release from the band known as Kinnon in the not too distance future. Kinnon features Liam, Rylan and Kaili – with producer, Andrew Morris. (I love their sound – and I’m not remotely biased, of course.) I wish I could put up their hypnotically powerful tune, Calamity – but it’s not quite finished. Written by Kinnon, Kinnon, Kinnon & Morris, Imbi and I think it’s a very good tune with powerful vocals from Kai, killer guitars from Li, some of Rylan’s best drumming ever and wonderful bass and producing from Andrew. The track was engineered by Rylan and Andrew. (The song is partially motivated by some of the things we Kinnons went through in ’04 – ’05 – thus the title.)



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  1. Wow, Kaili’s music is fantastic, and it takes a lot for me to say that. I especially love O Holy Night – absolutely gorgeous. I love her bluesy voice. I only wish there was more available.


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