Fitch – Missional Order Church Planting

kinnon —  December 10, 2008 — 2 Comments

Continuing the conversation a little further along from the Keller/Fitch/Kimball post, I thought I should repost a mildly updated version of the video below: Dave Fitch speaking at a Cultivate Gathering at The Freeway in Hamilton, just over a year ago. He talks about how Life on the Vine is creating a missional order as the beginning of a new church plant. Pernell Goodyear intros this version. (Some of Dave’s thoughts here inform my thoughts in my upcoming post, Consumerism vs Discipleship.)

Dave Fitch – the Cultivate Talk on Missional Orders from Bill Kinnon on Vimeo.



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2 responses to Fitch – Missional Order Church Planting

  1. Thanks for posting this, Bill. This particular presentation helps me think about us becoming countercultural and resisting both the anti-biblical stuff in our local cultures, and the counterproductive stuff we try to implant from Christendom.

    It’s ironic that our encounters with so much of Christendom culture need to be countercultural. Hope things shift from ironic to irenic in the long run …

  2. A big “ditto” from the Abbess! It continues to amaze me how God is speaking this same kind of thinking into so many persons in so many places.

    …yes, there is something goin’ on, indeed!


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