Is it Really Just About the Numbers?

kinnon —  December 17, 2008 — 6 Comments


CT-Shopping.jpg Of course. I’m referring to Out of (y)Ur mind’s latest post on Attractional vs Missional vs How Many Readers Can We Get On Our Blog to Sell Some of the Stuff in Our Sidebars.

My friend, Brad, comments on that post, laying out a more effective methodology for analysis. He ends it with this statement,

Perhaps CT / Out of Ur would care to sponsor such a project …?

Or perhaps they just want to drive more traffic to their blog. Blog advertising really is all about the numbers, after all.

(Quadruple HT to Mr. FuturistGuy hisself.)



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6 responses to Is it Really Just About the Numbers?

  1. Hi Bill,

    the medium is the message, isn’t it…

    I have oft wondered about the OOU blog and advertisement; considering the dialogue they chose to engage in.

  2. The battle between editorial and advertising is never ending. What can we say; we have no control over what shows up in the sidebars. You may have noticed early this year that a scathing review of Pagan Christianity was bordered by an ad for the same book. C’est la vie.

  3. I was just wondering where I could sign up for a 14 day trial for “Life Changing Community.” ;-P

  4. Credit cards are accepted here, JB. We’ll ship you your Life Changing Community in a matter of weeks (that turn into months, months turn into years).

    I think the point is more OoU seems to be provocative to what end. Is it just to drive traffic to the blog.

    So glad you’re back blogging. I’m wondering right along with you.

  5. I went to the Ur blog, read the article, and would demand my ten minutes back, if I didn’t know I’d just play video games with them.

  6. It’s funny how blogs started out as a place for journaling and dialogue. It has now turned into an advertising frenzy on almost every blog. It has turned into a source of revenue. There is almost no way to counter the commercialization of it all.


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