Kick @ the Darkness…

kinnon —  December 8, 2008 — 1 Comment

…’til it bleeds daylight.

I quoted the Bruce Cockburn line in a response to Mark Van Steenwyk’s comment on the previous post. I was going to put up the Cockburn video from YouTube but I’d forgotten how awful the creative was on it. (Even if it does feature old family friend, Ferg Marsh on Chapman Stick.)

Instead, here’s the BNL version, which I believe was online edited about twenty feet from where I write this – back when the loft where we live was our post-production facility. I know. TMI. Lovers in a Dangerous Time. The fun version.

And yes, the ugly Scarberian suburbs of my fair city do star in the video.



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One response to Kick @ the Darkness…

  1. Bill

    Thanks for the video. Was listening to Bruce today, myself. Man — Cockburn, Cohen, Joni — what’s in the songwriting water up there?



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