My Son Admits the Truth…

kinnon —  December 10, 2008 — 4 Comments

…about where many of my books have gone. I’ve been dying to read a Wendell Berry essay or two. And to think I’d thought I’d misplaced his book of essays.



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4 responses to My Son Admits the Truth…

  1. I just assumed that with the constant stream of incoming books one or two dusty volumes from the shelves wouldn’t be missed. Apparently I was wrong.

  2. Both of you need to confess your sins of covetousness and possessiveness. Next we are going to learn to share our toys.
    It happens in my house too.

  3. You do realize that the odds of me looking for any book whilst they overflow my bedside table, coffee tables, my office et al is slim to non-existant. My post was pure hyperbole to point people at yours.

    Now, when you come home in a few days, please help us to rid those many surfaces of books that are embarrassing for others to know we read. This will also make room for all those books that have no shelf space.

  4. Apparently my attempt at humour was mitigated by the late hour of commenting and being sick. I apologize for the misunderstanding.


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