Prorogued Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

kinnon —  December 4, 2008 — 2 Comments

For my dear Canadian friends of the 62% solution. A little graphical help. Your country is a parliamentary democracy. If you’d like Rep-By-Pop, you just might want to consider Israel, Brazil or the DAR. Right now, unequal representation is the status quo in our Home and Native Land.


BTW. You’re welcome. And I’d still like the lot of these clowns tossed out on their derrieres, from PMS on down.



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2 responses to Prorogued Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

  1. I agree- clear the slate completely. It is hard to begin to imagine any solution to this mess that remotely offers hope. grrr…

  2. Nice graphics Bill!


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