Someone Call a Dr. – Canadian Parliament Prorogued

kinnon —  December 4, 2008 — Leave a comment

If you’re plugged in enough to be following @dashhouse and @miketodd07 on Twitter (and maybe even me, @kinnon) you would have read some fun repartee around our ever-brilliant and always open to conversation Prime Minister Stephen Harper convincing the obviously convincible and very beautiful Governor-General Michaëlle Jean to allow PMS (that’s Prime Minister Stevie) to prorogue parliament. (Sounds like the work of a proctologist to me.)

I always thought Parliament could use a good prorogueing. And after PMS and the GG’s good time, Mike Todd thinks perogie sales will go through the roof. (It’s funny, every time I see prorogue, I read pro rogue – and we all know what a rogue is, right. Americans excluded of course.)



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