The Great Omission & the View from Her

kinnon —  December 13, 2008 — 1 Comment

51pZJhHm6pL._SL160_.jpgAt Jan’s suggestion, I ordered The Great Omission and have begun reading it. (It arrived from two days after I ordered it. I love Amazon.) Jan’s blog is called The View from Her.

Read Jan’s post on Dallas Willard’s book beginning with Part 4 of her Servant Leadership series and continuing here and here.

And you need to make a point of reading her leadership series as well. Including a number of posts outside of the series here and here.

This brilliant woman has been hitting home runs lately. Well, more correctly, as usual. So add her to your Google Reader already.



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One response to The Great Omission & the View from Her

  1. wow… Bill, thanks for all the links and very kind words. Like you, I’ve recently been interrupted by real life (RL) but I do intend to get back to pursuing more on the serving/leading topic soon.


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