What if there was a Canadian Coup D’état…

kinnon —  December 2, 2008 — 4 Comments

…and no one noticed?

I’ve scanned the international news and in a world of much confusion, few seem to be noticing the melt down of one of this planet’s most stable democracies – the soon to be, frigid banana republic, Canada.

The Liberals and NDP, lusting for power in a season made ripe by the hyper-control freak machinations of the Conservative Prime Minister, have signed a blood-sworn pact with the devil. That devil being the party that exists solely to break up Canada. At what cost?! No one seems to care.

Power corrupts. These folk crave absolute power – to be corrupted absolutely. All of them need to be tossed – Harper, Dion, Layton, Rae, Ignatieff, Duceppe. One of them should be shot as a traitor. (Hyperbole folks, simple hyperbole. I mean, shot with a water gun. Filled with yellow dye.)

They are all playing games with Canada’s future – in an economic climate that demands stability.

Perhaps they should all be given fiddles – so they can play as Ottawa freezes.

What was it Napoleon Dynamite was wont to say? Oh. Right. “Idiots!”

DionDuceppeLaytonS4tD.jpgUPDATE: BTW, Stephen, if you do need bright warm bodies to fill one of the 18 vacant Senate seats that the Libs and NDP can’t wait to sell off, I’m your man. No. Really. I. Am. Your. Man. Call me. You know my name. Look up the number.



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4 responses to What if there was a Canadian Coup D’état…

  1. A pox on all of their houses.

  2. Hey Bill, check out this site: http://www.iamsecond.com

  3. I have never been more embarrassed or enraged to be a Canadian.

  4. I’m not looking for salvation to come from 24 Sussex Drive, but I am praying that it will visit there.


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