Bishop Larry on Missional Excavation

kinnon —  January 5, 2009 — Leave a comment

John Santic’s Toward Hope was missing from blogdom for an extended period of time. I, for one, certainly missed John’s writing.

He’s been back for a while now but has only recently reconnected with missional hero, Bishop Larry Newineskin.

Toward Hope: Bishop, tell me, how do you understand the term missional?

Bishop Newineskin: It’s rather simple, you see. It is about God, his creation and recreation of all things and his desired will to invite those who choose to come and be part of his family the church to join in on His epic healing adventure that our Lord Jesus began at Calvary.

Toward Hope: Where do you see that people get it wrong?

Bishop Newineskin: Gosh, where do I start? I guess I could dismantle the whole church growth movement. But I won’t; I’ve already said enough about that in my third book: Why I Hate the Church Growth Movement. I’d rather vent my frustration about those that co-opt the term for their own agendas. You see, intrinsic to this whole missional thing is the requirement to relinquish our strategic ecclesial agendas and metrics for a listening ear and willing heart. People will often call things missional, but it will under the surface be nothing more than the same recruitment tactic that aims to add another to the fold through approaches that are little more than entertainment spectacles for consumers. Sheesh!

Read it all @ John’s blog, please.



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