Dash Blog Missing – No Need to Panic

kinnon —  January 2, 2009 — 2 Comments



It’s true.

The family of blogs that reside @ Dashhouse.com – including that of the famous blogger, Triple D (Darryl Dash to those of you not part of the cognescenti), comes up with a rather ugly screen from GoDaddy right now – if it appears at all.

It seems that Brother Dash has left Movable Type to place his blog(s) within the confines of TypePad, MT’s ugly step child. (Where this blog resides.)

Triple D said on Twitter yesterday, that we’d all have to wait ’til the new DNS pointer propagates – whatever that means. (Triple D can be found as @dashhouse on Twitter. And I’m @kinnon, in case you were wondering.)


We are still waiting.

But. At some point soon, Dashhouse.com will reappear in all it’s TypePad glory. (Now if only we’d all just copy jonny baker’s new look and feel – TypePad hosting could be a beautiful thing.)



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2 responses to Dash Blog Missing – No Need to Panic

  1. My efforts to outsource my tech troubles are not off to a good start, are they? 😉

  2. If you guys would just see the light and go with WordPress 🙂


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