Ed and Dave’s Excellent Adventure

kinnon —  January 9, 2009 — Leave a comment

OK. It’s been up at Missional Tribe for three days and has had almost 500 views (from there and at a number of other sites who have embedded it). As the video was done by Imbi and myself, for both MT and kinnon.tv, I think it’s time to show it here. Just in case you have yet to make it over to MT. (Note the video is also available via the Vimeo bar in the right sidebar of this blog.)

Ed Stetzer & David Fitch – a missional conversation from Missional Tribe on Vimeo.

One of the interesting things for me in our Missional Tribe social network is to see the difference in viewership between an Open Source approach to videos like this – the fact that anyone may embed them into their blogs -as opposed to keeping them behind a walled garden.

If it really is ultimately about the church, where possible, should we not want the widest audience possible to see these productions. And I say that fully aware of the costs involved, as Imbi and I via our company, bore the costs for travel and production on this video and the other parts to come (while being hosted in Chicago by the ever gracious Rae Ann and Dave Fitch). And both Dave and Ed gave freely of their time for the benefit of the wider church community.

Whether via tent-making or the willingness of funders to come along side, we hope we can produce a lot more of this kind of content – as well as telling more of the great missional stories from around the planet. (While encouraging lots of other folk to pick up cameras and begin to effectively tell stories, too.)



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