Goodbye 2008 – Glad to see You Gone!

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2008 will not be remembered with great fondness by me. Yes, there were many good moments. In fact. Some very good moments. But. By and large. It is a year I will be glad to see behind us.

Fragmenting friendships, illusions dissed, income evaporating, declining parents, recurring hearing problems – be ye gone 2008.

But I will not focus on the bad.

Some high points.

My Mother. After more than a month of transitional hell for my dear Mom, we were miraculously able to move her into Bethany Lodge, a wonderful Christian facility in the north end of Toronto at the end of November. Smiles have returned to her beautiful face – for which Imbi and I are more than grateful. (See pic a little further down.)

Imbi and I celebrated our 25th anniversary. Most days I feel like I’m too young to have been married for a quarter century – but a quarter century of wedded bliss has past. (The kids, who threw us a great surprise party, joked it was “twenty years of wedded bliss in 25.” I’d say more like 23 or 24. I would also add that marriage is never easy – but it helps when you marry a good woman. Proverbs 31 comes to mind.)

Li, Ry and Kai with Grandma Kinnon. Click for bigger.

Our Kids. In 2008, Liam, our oldest child, turned 21. Incredible. My chest puffs up with pride when I think of my kids.

Liam, Rylan and Kaili are true gifts from a loving God. (Imbi and I both honour my Mom in how well these three have turned out.)

Very good musicians, they are busy working together to produce some captivating tunes – while also attending to the demands of post-secondary education. Stay tuned for more proud papa moments here @ in 2009. (The picture is from Christmas Day this year. My Mom with three of her four grandkids – from left to right, Liam, Kaili and Rylan with Grandma Nina.)

Shooting Imbi’s Documentary in England in the Spring. I’ve often mentioned Pete & Kath Atkins here @ Getting to spend almost a week with them in Lincolnshire while shooting segments for Imbi’s Mission-Shaped doc was a complete blast. As was the time we got to spend with Bishop Graham & Pastor Jacquie Cray along with a number of the Fresh Expressions team. Graham, who led the team that created the Mission-Shaped Church document, is now leading Fresh Expressions.

Imbi’s doc (being produced in HD) will be completed in ’09 and will add significantly to the missional conversation. (It includes folk like NT Wright, Graham Cray, David Fitch, jonny baker, TSK and many others.)


The birth of a missional social network. I am excited by the potential of Missional Tribe birthed out of blogging and missional order friendships.

MT RECIPE: Take a pinch of Clay Shirky’s Here Comes Everybody, add a little Open Source sauce, stir vigorously with Seth Godin’s Tribes, add some of Lesslie Newbigin’‘s curry powder, season to taste with a little Gospel and Our Culture Network, flavour it with large amounts of the missional blogosphere and top it off with a healthy dose of the UK’s Fresh Expressions – then sit back and watch what the Holy Spirit bakes together.

Music. My life seems to run on music. Steve McCoy and Vince DiPersio both raved about Elbow – and they’ve become one of my favourite bands. This song (which is actually about a friend of the band whose drinking gives his wife the reason for the title) is very well constructed – as is this – my favourite.

Technology. I shoot with a couple of Sony Z1U’s, but have fallen in love with the Z7U’s that I recommended to a client. Killer HDV cameras made better by the ability to also record to Flash Drives (HVR-MRC1).


But the technological high-point of ’08 for me was the purchase of an iPod Touch.

I really bought it for media playback, thinking the screen was too small for a good computing experience. I was wrong. I love the apps I’ve added to the Touch (including Facebook and Twitter clients.) Web surfing works well. It would be the perfect Netbook if it was about 50% larger. Hopefully an announcement to that effect will come next week.

And now back to the future. I look forward to a good 2009 – which has begun with great promise.



A television editor, writer & director since 1978. A Christian since 1982. More than a little frustrated with the Church in the West since late in the last millennium.

2 responses to Goodbye 2008 – Glad to see You Gone!

  1. May 2009 be a healing and promising year Bill!
    It is good to see you getting your unique voice back.

    Blog on!

    PS: Are you able to turn off that Twitter signup popup? At the best of times I get error runs on your site and I hate missing what you have to say.

  2. Bene,
    I dumped the Twitter Widget. Hope that helps. The entire blog needs extreme repristination.


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