Len Hjalmarson @ MT on Mission Driven?

kinnon —  January 10, 2009 — Leave a comment

Len has cross posted a great blog post called mission driven? @ MT. Len says,

This debate rages on. I see posts all over the internet that play it out in the way popularized by Frost and Hirsch as Christology > missiology > ecclesiology. I think it is short sighted.

(Len immediately goes on to talk about his love and respect for Mike and Al.)

Our mutual friend, Dave Fitch also engages with this on his blog, based on the conversation going on around Ben Wheatley’s post @ MT. Dave will probably cross post to MT as Len has done.

Missional Tribe has hit the ground running and some very thought-provoking discussion is taking place. I think what’s important is that our good friends like Al Hirsch, who may be perceived as a Missional Guru, can be strongly questioned and debated in a conversation that is life giving. Hopefully we are all able to grow in our understanding together – very much what we hope MT is about.

What I’ve recommended Len do is create a Theology Forum at MT where we can all learn from folk like him, Dave, Mike, Al et al as they engage in theological debate and discussion. (And I know Brother Maynard will be in there, too.)



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